About us

COGS was established in 1997 and works at national, regional and local levels with the public, voluntary, community and private sectors. The managing director is Tony Herrmann.


Tony Herrmann is an experienced community development practitioner, trainer and consultant. He worked for many years in neighbourhood based roles in public, voluntary and community sector organisations including a 3 year secondment to the University of Leeds to co-ordinate a programme of community based adult education. Tony managed the Community Work Training Co. for 8 years: a voluntary organisation providing learning programmes, resources, consultancy and direct support to community organisations and networks across West Yorkshire. 


Tony currently provides consultancy support to New Wortley Housing and Community Associations on community engagement, partnership development and community led housing. He is working with Together for Peace as a learning partner for Leeds GATE (Gypsy and Traveller exchange) on a project exploring collaboration for system change, undertaking a community consultation for High Green Development Trust (with Tim Jones), and working on a community action research project (with Sue Hoey) for Moor Allerton Elderly Care (together with Leeds North and West Foodbank and St Stephens Church).

All COGS work is led by Tony with specialist associates contributing to a team approach.


Tony has established Carbon Conversations Leeds, facilitating both small groups and organisations to reduce their carbon footprint through a structured programme of learning and reflection. He works with The Surefoot Effect to train Carbon Conversations facilitators in the UK and Europe.

He is a Director of Zero Carbon Yorkshire