Publications - guides, handbooks and reports produced by COGS as sole authors or in collaboration with others include:

Communities R Us: new and established communities working together - Evaluation Report

Mandy Wilson and Tricia Zipfel

Housing Associations Charitable Trust (hact) 2008

"Learning to Change Neighbourhoods, Lessons from the Guide Neighbourhoods Programme" - Evaluation Report

"Learning to Change Neighbourhoods. Lessons from the Guide Neighbourhoods Programme" - Summary Evaluation Report

COGS, University of Birmingham, University of the West of England

CLG 2007

"Changing Neighbourhoods, lessons from the JRF Neighbourhood Programme"

Marilyn Taylor, Mandy Wilson, Derrick Purdue, Pete Wilde

Policy Press 2007

For summary report, JRF Findings: "Changing neighbourhoods, The impact of 'light touch' support in 20 communities" and further links click here

"The importance of the neighbourhood: Tackling the implementation gap"

Marilyn Taylor and Mandy Wilson

JRF 2006

"Improving Neighbourhoods and Supporting Active Communities: the Impact of the Single Community Programme"

Mandy Wilson and Jackie Heeney

Government Office for Yorkshire and The Humber 2006

(Downloadable document, PDF format, 516Kb)


"Lending a hand: the value of ‘light touch’ support in empowering communities"

Mandy Wilson, Pete Wilde, Derrick Purdue and Marilyn Taylor

JRF Findings, JRF Neighbourhood Programme Evaluation Team



"Evaluating Community Projects – A practical guide"

Marilyn Taylor, Derrick Purdue, Mandy Wilson and Pete Wilde

JRF 2005


"Making Connections: An evaluation of the Community Participation Programmes

COGS, University of the West of England, Liverpool John Moores University

ODPM 2005

A Summary Report is also available.


Making Community Participation Meaningful

Danny Burns, Frances Heywood, Marilyn Taylor, Pete Wilde and Mandy Wilson

Policy Press 2004


"What Works in Assessing Community Participation?"

Danny Burns, Frances Heywood, Pete Wilde and Mandy Wilson

Policy Press 2004


"A Guide to Frameworks and Tools for Community Involvement, Participation, Capacity Building and Development"


COGS and South Yorkshire Coalfield Partnership 2003


"Benchmarking community participation: Developing and implementing the Active Partners benchmarks"

Mandy Wilson and Pete Wilde

JRF 2003


"Assessing Community Strengths: A Practical Handbook for Planning Capacity Building Initiatives"

Steve Skinner and Mandy Wilson

CDF 2002

Also see JRF Findings "A new approach to assessing community strengths"


“Community Involvement in Museums, Archives and Libraries : a Toolkit for Improving Practice

Mandy Wilson and Pete Wilde

COGS on behalf of Yorkshire Museums Council 2002


"Building Practitioner Strengths: Reflecting on Community Development Practice"

Mandy Wilson and Pete Wilde

CDF 2001


"Active Partners: Benchmarking Community Participation in Regeneration"


Yorkshire Forward 2000

(Downloadable document, PDF format, 265Kb)


We have also produced training manuals and toolkits for NRU, Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation and IMC / Government of Romania.